2022 Upgrades 

This page is aimed to assist our clients in better understanding the changes to Qld. legislation taking place as of January 1st 2022. For any further information please contact our friendly support team via the contact page.


What alarms do we install?

We install top quality photoelectric smoke alarms that meet the new Australian Standard AS3786-2014. All SAS alarms come with a full five year warranty. 

SAS is constantly looking to provide the best value for our customers and as such we have sought out the most competitively priced quality smoke alarms and reliable suppliers in the market.

If you have preference we are willing to use alarms of your choice, provided they meet the AS 3786-2014 standard and criteria outlined in the QLD Fire & Emergency Services Smoke Alarm Amendment Act of 2016. *The install price of alarms elected by landlords may vary from our published price.

Alarm Aray.png

How many alarms do I need installed?

There is no set number however, as a rule of thumb, there must be one alarm per storey, one in every bedroom and one in connecting hallways. In most cases your current alarms will need to be replaced with alarms that meet the AS3786-2014 standard.  


When should I upgrade?

All rental properties need to be fully upgraded by January 1st 2022. To ensure your property is upgraded in time we strongly recommend you book your property for upgrading sooner rather than later. Booking now will ensure you beat the last minute rush.