Our History

SAS Smoke Alarm Service was founded in 2007 to serve the growing need for smoke alarm installation in residential tenancies in Brisbane. SAS has identified several areas where Landlords & Agents may be left liable by normal industry practice, in particularly lack of expertise and lack of legal indemnification. It is the aim of SAS Smoke Alarm Service to minimize these risks whilst protecting Landlords & Agents from as many of the demands of compliance testing as possible.

 At SAS we have done our best to make the most of 21st century technology. Our systems have been designed from the ground up to make accessibility and accuracy paramount for day to day use.


Beyond 2022

With our extensive experience across different industry areas, SAS is ideally qualified to help you upgrade your property to meet Qld's new smoke alarm laws. We also offer the best price on the market for upgrades and pride ourselves on punctuality and service.


The s-A-s Team

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Lyndon is a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia as well as the Society for Fire Safety. He has recently been granted United States of America and United Kingdom Patents detailing improvements to the smoke alarm. Lyndon has devoted much of his time to working closely with Agents and Owners, helping them maximize the compliance of their properties and improve tenant safety.


University of Qld.


Qld. University of Technology

Electrical Engineering


Activities & Affiliations

• Chartered Professional Engineer
• MIE Membership No.  691972
• Colleges: Electrical, ITEE


• Qld. Electrical Work Licence 137829



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Systems Administrator 

Ryan Baker

Ryan is the man with the plan for keeping SAS's online management systems functioning correctly and ensuring accurate job information through our automated data management software. This process guarantees the authenticity of information and the speed with which SAS is able to organise jobs and provide compliance certificates. 


Contact Info

Email: RyanBaker@smokealarmservice.com

Phone: 0452 154 500



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Business Development Manager

Sam Beatty

Sam is responsible for sales, marketing, and meetings with agents looking to join SAS. Be sure to get in touch with Sam if you would like to organise a meeting or receive further information about our company. 


Contact Info

Email: SamBeatty@smokealarmservice.com

Phone: 0452 154 507