Protecting QLD homes since 2007

Operating since 2007, SAS Smoke Alarm Service is an experienced local company geared towards putting people first and providing a reliable service.


Why switch to us?

  • We are Locals - SAS Smoke Alarm Service is an Ipswich based company looking to expand into our community by offering competitive prices and quality service.

  • We are Fast - We offer a Same day callout Guarantee, so if there is an alarm going crazy or a last minute tenancy we will be there to save the day on-time every-time.

  • We are Smart - We understand that technology is rapidly changing and we are too. SAS is in the 21st century using digital job sheets with Time and Location stamped photos of alarms as they are serviced.

  • We are Safe - All SAS staff have National Police Checks and we do not subcontract, so you can rest easy knowing your property in in good hands.

  • We are Affordable - We offer the Best price on the Market for the mandatory 2022 Smoke alarm upgrades and we won’t increase your service contract price after we upgrade your property!


We’ve Made Switching Easy

Change isn’t something most people enjoy … certainly not when dealing with smoke alarms. We believe that simple, honest, and easy are the best ways to approach change.

  • Simple - You flick “The Switch” and we will contact your agent.

  • Honest - We will match your current service price and we will not invoice until your current service contract expires.

  • Easy - Once we have contacted your agent and they give us the all clear we will begin to maintain your property, It’s that simple!